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Looking for a Gay Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab in Florida


For decades, drug rehab programs and alcohol rehab programs have already been opening in Florida. From detox to inpatient addiction treatment and extended or longterm care can be found for the typical public. There were drug rehab programs for eating disorders, sexual trauma, men and women, but hardly any drug rehab programs for the gay and lesbian population. Even today, you will find only a handful of drug rehab programs that specialize in gay drug rehab or gay addiction treatment and a couple of more with specialized gay drug rehab components within the particular drug rehab. While there are lots of more drug rehab programs with gay a component then true gay drug rehab programs, not most of them have staff competed in issues specific to the gay population. Issues such as homophobia, internalized homophobia, being released and sexuality often go untouched, as well as, the sensitivity training that must take place for one other members of the staff.

Certain areas more sensitive to Gay Drug Rehab and Gay Alcohol Rehab

I believe it is safe to express you will find certain areas in their state of Florida which can be more sensitive to the gay, lesbian community than others. Some of the areas might include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. Each one of these cities have substantial gay populations and services to match. It stands to reason that opening a drug rehab with a gay addiction treatment component or perhaps a gay drug rehab in these areas may be easier to manage as a result of community support and ancillary community services

Jacksonville Florida Drug Rehab Opens Gay Addiction Treatment Component

For so long as anyone can remember, there has not been any  drug detox in Florida   drug rehab programs with gay drug rehab components in Jacksonville providing addiction treatment services to the gay and lesbian community. This statement is particularly so whenever we speak of gay drug rehab programs. What's sad is that within the Orlando, St. Augustine, Jacksonville area there is a substantial gay, lesbian population. We're pleased to report a drug rehab has opened a gay component within its addiction treatment program called Freedom Rings, which may be available at This may be the beginning of a trend in Northeast Florida to begin paying more attention to treating drug addiction and alcoholism within the gay and lesbian community.

Did you understand that nearly 10% of Florida's sixth graders binge drink? Did you realize that percentage increases to 30% by enough time the kids have been in senior high school? Did you realize that the prevalence of prescription drug abuse is so high that Florida has become nicknamed "the pill state"? Despite these figures, Florida's just released 2007 Youth Substance Abuse Survey results say that alcohol and drug abuse is on the decline. In light of all other information we see in other surveys and in daily news articles about Florida's drug problem, that's hard to believe. Anybody who allows this report to produce them think they are able to settle-back and relax is sadly mistaken. Florida drug rehab centers is going to be busy for quite a while to come.

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