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Moon Bitcoin Investment Safety Tips

The popularity of moon Bitcoin investment has raised these days. Even though there were many rumors that were not wearing it because of the lack of socialization and insight of many people at that time, Bitcoin investment is actually quite safe and can be very profitable.

Here are other interesting reasons that make Bitcoin investment a popular investment instrument for Millennials today:

The price of Bitcoin can increase quite drastically. In just a matter of months, the value can penetrate the new all-time high. The price of bitcoin has increased by 354% in 2020 which makes it able to beat the returns of other financial assets.

Now it can be used as a means of payment in several digital transactions, although not many.

PayPal, which is also the largest online transaction payment tool in the world, already accepts payments with Bitcoin.

PayPal users can store and make transactions with Bitcoin on PayPal.

Can be used as a means of payment for buying and selling online for several international/overseas e-commerce such as e-Bay and Amazon.

Legal and safe. Because there has been legal certainty about the permissible trading of Bitcoin in Asia, it makes investing in crypto assets safer in terms of regulation.

How to do moon Bitcoin investment for Beginners

For those who want to try to learn to buy and sell bitcoin and feel the benefits, here are the steps:

1. Create an Account

Registering and opening an account on an exchange is the main requirement if you want to start buying your first bitcoins to invest.

Bitcoin Exchange, or Bitcoin exchange, is a term for a company that provides a special place (platform) that can be used by people from various countries to exchange Bitcoin with fiat currencies (such as US Dollars, Euros, Yuan, etc.) other cryptocurrencies.

Registration is done online, either through the mobile application or via the website. The application can be downloaded on Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

The conditions for opening an account are filling in your Name, Email, address, and agreeing to the Terms of the Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

After opening an account, next you have to get KYC verification to be able to proceed to the next step. If you don't get this verification, you can't make transactions even though you've opened an account.

KYC verification is an important process to protect all participants on the exchange and ensure AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies are implemented properly.

The KYC verification process consists of uploading ID photos, filling in personal data, taking selfie photos with normal motion and random motion. KYC data will be processed which will take at least 1 working day.

There are several things that need to be considered during verification, namely making sure you don't have an account on the exchange, providing personal data correctly and accurately, and providing photos that match your ID.

Before starting to make transactions, you must choose the pair or pairs you want to trade. The most popular pair such as Bitcoin in Dollars.

The types of crypto asset pairs that can be traded are different on each exchange. In one exchange company alone, there can be more than 100 pairs of crypto assets.


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