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Shelon – MetaVerse Gaming Reflection Token


31st of August 2022 $SHELON a token on the Binance SmartChain took another step to becoming a major meme coin player. The new reflection token $LVM LakeViewMeta will send signals early on that Shelon could become a major player among memecoin investors. 


  1. The Birth of $Shelon

Shelon token was born 21st June 2022 and has been organically growing a loyal following of investors which has drawn attention from some big players. The project has accomplished a lot in the first 2 months, with a strong, healthy community, an ATH of 120k MC, 2 NFT collections completely sold out and holders wallets filled with Doge coin reflections.


  1. The Dogecoin Community

There has been some mild support from some small pockets of the Doge community, but in general the majority were not supportive of Shelon which motivated the team to find a long term partner they could support through reflection buybacks. This is especially true as Dogecoin has an inflationatory supply and its ecosystem is facing several challenges. The risks with Dogecoin and the limited upside made the Shelon community choose a younger token with greater upside. 


  1. $Shelon and Play to Earn in the Metaverse

LakeViewMeta is an exciting new project that has been working for the past year on building a working metaverse, P2E Treasure hunt and partnerships with multiple long term projects. At the end of August LVM released their own native token and already has one of the best looking charts in the game. A real gem of a project that has all the potential of being a future giant. It is rare to see a project with a working metaverse and utility before releasing their native token in the modern day.


  1. New tokenonomics and new dynamics

September 2022 brings a new chapter in the Sheldon story with a contract migration, and a change of reflection token from $doge to LakeviewMeta’s native token $LVM. Taxes are also being lowered with the new contract so holders will only get taxed 12% on buys and sells. The new tokenomics are 4% $LVM reflections, 4% Marketing wallet and 4% into the liquidity pool. A focus for Shelon is to continue to build a strong liquidity pool to accommodate the growth of the project and provide long term stability


  1. Influencers onboarding $SHELON

The Shelon team recognise the huge upside potential of LVM and the opportunity for long term partnership and dual growth. The LakeViewMeta team have expressed great support of Shelon’s migration and are participating in a joint AMA Twitter space with the respected influencers Crypto Lee  to discuss the partnership further.


  1. The NFT:s of $Shelon

After the first two NFT series completely sold out the third volume is in production and due for release during the first weekend in September. Each NFT will include utility that will be announced before the mint event. The collection will be available directly from the Shelon NFT Marketplace, which is open to all projects and artists to list their NFTs for sale for free for a limited time.


  1. The future for $Shelon BSC

Shelon are driven to be seen as more than ‘just a LVM reflections token’, they have put together a bullish roadmap that includes gaming, utility NFTs and metaverse plans that will make them worthy of being a top player in their own right. With a strong creative community exploring new marketing avenues the Shelon word is spreading far and wide and the project is transitioning into a true community coin. If you get on board you might find that Shelon is one of those rare gems that could grow your original investment while you are having fun.  Ignore scared, jealous and negative people and trust in your own judgement. 

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